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Brando, Ready made food

Delicious food
- hassle free.

We are all always in a rush, but meal times should be an exception. Brando was conceived to remind us to pause and remember the most important things in life. The convenience of ready-made meals with homemade quality was brought together in a single dish. The only challenge was how to make aluminum foil containers drum up an appetite?

Branding was essentially anchored on two principles: subtle graphic elements and warm colors.

Packaging was created to cover the aforementioned aluminum foil, while enhancing the quality of the product and also labeling every option available – meat, fish, veggie and quiches.

The photography had to convey feelings of serenity and relaxation, making everyone feel at home and cozy, but still provide a noticeable human intervention on food preparation. Aged wood and textured crockery gave us the look we needed.