A renewed relationship
with the environment

Eco-Oil was already a company specialized on waste treatment, but then they shifted their focus to producing and selling their own fuel oil from the oil residues they collect from ships. Naturally, that shift was calling out for a rebranding that would demonstrate their passion for circular economy values.

The new logo is meant to point out the dynamism behind this transformation process, with circular shapes wrapped around the “E” indicating renewable energy. Chromatically speaking, greens had to stand out for an eco-friendly effect, but blue was necessary to reflect the ocean and red to evoke the idea of fuel.


The all-caps main font is entirely about representing a trustworthy institution, and the use of italics acts as an additional support to continue the movement initiated with the “E” icon.

©Paulo Sampaio

To amplify this brand new look, we tested several logo applications in mediums such as business cards, uniforms and road tankers.

©Paulo Sampaio